Friday, May 27, 2005


Sometimes you just wonder why...why do forum peeps act like newbies?
Case in point:
Exhibit A: New Balance 577NBW, aka "Carbon Fibre"

Exhibit B: post on NT showing, probably "hidden" sarcasm

Why do people always equate nice shoes with ridiculously high retail prices? Are we that brainwashed by Nike? Just becoz Mita Sneakers in Japan retails them at 26,500yen (or just a notch below usd$300), does that mean the rest of the world too?

Heck, i'm just probably picking bones in egg yolk...but tell you what, since those out there believe its usd$300, i'll give u a usd$300 shoe. I'll "hook u up"with a "once in a lifetime" offer...I'll even throw in free air shipping.
Better yet, get more, get 3 pairs(one to wear, one to resell, one to keep to resell in future) at usd$900 shipped, and i'll throw in a free Nike AF1 LeBron Chamber of Fear "Complacency"

If u think i'm messing with u, go ahead...the CoF AF1 is waiting for his owner.
Get at me quick...offer valid as long as blog-owner's patience with the sneaker game lasts.

Ok, rant over...

Now thats what i call aneroxic....

What the hell happened, Lindsay?

Back in the days...u were so..."overflowing"



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