Thursday, May 26, 2005


Belief is probably what the Liverpool players had last night...on the biggest game of their lives...European Champions League Final...against AC Milan, a team with much deep history and future legends of the beautiful game.

Unbelievable is what the rest of the world, the fans, the spectators, the neutrals felt...3-0 down at half-time, 3 goals in 6 "mad minutes" to draw level, a crazy double goal-line save in the last 3rd minute of extra time, doing the "Grobbelar" jig to save 2 penalties and be crowned Champions of Europe. Un-fuckin'-believable!

Read about the game
International Herald Tribune
BBC's 11 reasonswhy the final is the best ever in history
and trust the BBC to let u be goalkeeper/hero Dudek for a day!
Shev's amazement of the Reds

How some bettors fared... props to the faithful fan who plonked a bet way back in December, at odds of 80-1.. haha

In 1978, the Pope dies, Wales win the Grand Slam, Liverpool wins their 3rd European Cup.
In 1981, Prince Charles marries, Liverpool win their 4th Cup.
In 2005, Pope dies, Prince Charles re-marries, Wales win the Grand it written by fate? destiny?
And every year Italian champions Juventus played an English team in the Cup, one team has gone on to clinch the coveted Pool thrashed "the Olde Lady" 3-1 twice.
Well, no matter what Milan threw at the Red Army last night, even if it was 10 goals at half time, Pool would have found an answer. Someone in the stands must have sold their soul to the devil... i personally thank you for that!

Even the "Hand of God" has deemed the Reds fit to be spoken in same breath as the 1970 Brazilian World Cup heroes.

Then again, maybe it was the "good luck" i said before i slept that did it...

or the fact that i wore my lucky jeans which i haven't washed since their last european thriumph, the UEFA cup. (hang on... i don't ever wash my jeans....hmm)

Thats for another blog update i guess :)

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Ibrahim R. said...

jeans are not meant to be washed (dry cleaned included). i don't wash mine too. extreme heat kills bacteria and germs (ironing).