Sunday, May 08, 2005


pic courtesy of Norman Rockwell Museum
I've always loved any Rockwell art...correction, i love all his works. But one of my faves has to be this one named "The Runaway", i can't put my finger on it, but maybe it just speaks to me about my teen-years or whenever i faced certain decisions or problems in life. I always feel Rockwell art speaks volumes on a personal level, his visions of a "virtuous" America appeals on so many levels. You've probably seen his works in some-way/where or another...go check out the Norman Rockwell Museum to view his collection and online store. I know what i'm going to hang on the future walls of my home.

Nick Anderson wins this years Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartoons and its hard not to see why. He pulls no punches and is witty to boot. Heres 2 of my faves from those submitted for consideration:

Pics property of Nick Anderson Editorial Cartoons
Link via Drawn

Issey Miyake designs a series of watches for Seiko, set to be out in July
pic via Tokyo Q

Uniqlo is surfacing on urban streetwear radar yet again, with the opening of Seleqlo, a guerilla store in the style of Comme des Garcons, featuring various hip and reknown artists and designers. Find out more details and links from Gridskipper, featuring guest collumnist Jean Snow
i want one of those Barbara Kruger tees...any help anyone?

DLV of Astoria VII does awesome customs, peep his new AF1 highs!

Clean clean lines and pure talent! Them dudes from DownUnder Australia are doing big things! Go visit their site for more mind-blowing works and enquire about a custom pair.

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