Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988)
Check out the exhibition at Brooklyn Museum thru' June the meantime, read about his life and works

I'm going "arty" today...

I'm always in favor pro-active works, and i admire these guys for what they do...the next time u see them on the freeway, honk to give them support!
Check freeway blogger
Heres what Banksy says...
"Saatchi gallery: 1850 visitors per day
Tate Britain: 1850 visitors per day
Tate Modern: 2500 visitors per day
Rooftop on M4 motorway: 2500 visitors per hour"

Check Seen's(aka godfather of graf) busy developments

If you've never heard of Logan Hicks, you haven't seen one of the best stenciller and most hardworking one yet...this is my personal fave

NYC 5th Ave, 10 x 13ft, multi color hand-cut stencils
Peep his works. (via stencilrevolution)

Have a nice sunday...


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