Monday, May 30, 2005

Bubblegum Pop

The Hundreds has some nice resolution pics of the 180s designed by Union LA...u guys prob seen/heard about the news already from the various style blogs and forums.

Somehow, low resolution pics makes them more "exclusive" and "sneak preview" eh? LOL..heres the important info,
Drop Date: 11 June, Tentative Retail: US$140

All my friendly people in LA, where are u? Help me out here?!
They're beginning to grow on me, its been ages since i had a bright-coloured shoe. I've retired my voltage-lightning Zoom Havens after they blinded my classmates

LMAC boutique opens on June 1st
at #05-128 Far East Plaza
Find all things LMAC and:
Flying Cat, Scarygirl, Uglydoll, Mishka NYC, ARK, Monsterism, Wonderfarms, Clutter Magazine...

In case u didn't know, i'm still, i dun mean the "addicted-to-shoes & clothes" type of sick...
Been wondering whether i've lost a bit of weight in the process of suffering. I;m actually a calorie counter (don't laugh)...the only problem is that i just keep counting the calories i eat LOL
Maybe this nifty device will be helpful, a calorie counter u can wear
Then again, i hope it comes with a Taser to "remind" me to stop eating.. hehe

My buddy Ibrahim sent me this link some time ago...still haven't finished reading it, i just can't stop laughing
I am a Japanese School Teacher. Believe me, u will not regret clicking
Try to spot the terms Kancho Assasin...actually, i did do some of those antics while i was younger...maybe thats why i identify with the Jap kids, lol

Have a nice day y'all...(while i go cough up some blood and snot)

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