Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tiger unleashed
Last week saw the release of Mac OS X, codenamed:Tiger
Very impressive on the outset, and getting a step-up ahead of Mr Gates & Co
Check out the impressive crowds for the world premiere

theres something about Apple users, they're always happy! they must know something i don't...*note to self: must get infected with Apple madness soon!

If you ever need designer furniture in Japan, go get it from
And if you don't, just marvel at their shop

pics of shops from here

Gonna be a pic overload update...u better have broadband
Been starved of Paris news/pics glad she's still on the radar
Pics of her in Elle South Africa, posing as a gymnast. Best gymnast pics of a non-gymnast ever!

And her in Esquire a pool girl!

Ok ok...i know not everyone likes heres some Jessica Alba for ya...the more i see her, the hotter she gets! Woot!
Check out captures of her from MTV show "Trippin'", a show where Cameron Diaz(supreme hottie) goes round the world with her celebrity friends...yet another reason why i hate my local MTV channel

See more of the tv captures from Egotastic's blog

yes, until the next update, go have some wonderful dreams...


Deez said...

I agree with you on apple users always being happy. Must be something about the cheerful colours on apple products?

Slam said...

paris, when you gonna marry me shorty?!

offbeat said...

that store is dope

i only have eyes for ms diaz