Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Theres never a right day to rain...

Probably my last relaxed day before my new job and all i get is a heavy downpour...
But i can't stand being trapped within my room, thank god i was rescued by my buddy Ibrahim
Went for a little cruise...
Ibby in his Merc (technically his)sporting his OG air max's

ME in my Iceman zip-up

Dropped by Limited Edition in Queensway, and what luck, the Ueno Air Force 1's arrived and put on display

Them babies are seriously dope, superb etching detail, not to mention excellent packaging. Go have a look at the work of art (and say hi to Seb in the meantime)

Speaking of Limited Edition, they've opened a new shop "Vault" in downtown The Heeren, Orchard. Located on Level 3, same level as Nike and adidas, it will house some vintage gems(hence the name Vault) and the usual variety of sneakers from all over. This sunday will see the week-long LeBron James' Chamber of Fear exhibition. Its the same show thats only been to 5 other cities in US and 1st time outside of US.It will culminate in an auction for all 5 pairs of the CoF set(size 9), with proceeds going to charity.

Heres a look at what the Stussy Terminators would've looked like had they been actually released (the rumors had been floating around since last year)

New RealMadHectic x GDEH uk collab tees

(info via AltSnk )

Alritey, gotta cop some zzz's...brand new day tomoro


Rufus said...

Is that the same Limited Edt as in Harajuku? That place in Harajuku is awesome, it's where I picked up my Hawaiis.

xymon said...

nah, different. The Singapore shop is wholely-owned by locals, they do have friendly ties with their Japanese counterparts. The place to visit if you need kicks here.

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