Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Best week ever

It has been a long while...someone once said time passes quickly while you're having fun...well, i guess time passes even faster in blogosphere. One week is like an eternity in net-space, i know, i'm a netizen through-and-through, theres not many that surf as much me for sure. For those that have been asking about me, i'm doing fine, thanks. Those that know me, or have my MSN messenger know i'm alive and well...fine fine, i admit i'm a little lazy when it comes to blogging...but i prefer to say that i'm picky about the stuff i put up.
I guess sometimes i get confused with i want to do: do i want something like an index of cool stuff to show the world(like 2,114 other bloggers)? do i want the hottest gossip on the grapevine in street-culturedom(like my other forum-lurker buddies)? or do i ultimately just want to be me? for my friends?

Sorry for the slight digression, just me airing my thoughts. For folks that have been with me since the beginning, thank you for not getting cheesed off by my blog, and for sticking with me. I promise to stick true to my blog title and to be a random mess of nuisance! heh heh :)

It must be a god-send of sorts, a coincidence of "firsts"...first time i handed in a resignation letter, first time i had leave of absence, first trail walk(although it was a short one)...
I was so thrilled to meet up with my gang of Uni pals, it must have been the hardest i've laughed...since our last meetup! hahaha...Its def special when we get along like we've never been apart at all.
Moreover, also managed to spend time for the special one...u wouldn't believe it, but i;ve dreamt of her, spending time with her etc. The total time spent over the week was probably, what, less than a day? but it sure felt like an eternity to me. Y'know, the feeling that u never want it to end, and if it does, u look forward to the next. It's definitely someting i'd hold on forever.... Thanx

Ok, in case you';ve been wondering whether Xymon was hijacked, nope, rest assured i'm fine. This is the way my blog have been and will be. You'll be privy to my thoughts, besides all those other cool stuff. If you aren't cool with that, fine, theres plenty of blogs/sites for that, i'll be the first to point u in the right direction.

K, some links to feed upon:
andy warhol art

most awesome PUMA website
If anyone out there still doesn't know this,the reason why Puma and adidas have similar focus on trainers/track and their jackets are so cool, is that their founders are brothers.

Ever wanted to put a light saber on your homemade videos? Now u can

In case u missed it, some sample pics of upcoming season's Nike kicks
Snuggles Pt1
Snuggles Pt2

Do u need Mac skins?

What's a xymon blog without Paris Hilton? her hottest SFW vid yet.

Thats all folks...laters

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Mr Mok, think thatz the way blog should be. half of wat ur fans will wan to know and another half for your frens to know how u have been doing. Loved your Tues's entry! keep it that way! =)