Sunday, May 01, 2005

Revenge is coming
For the SW fans out there, peep these exclusive shots for, provided by 20th Century Fox.

Yet another film to add to my must-watch summer blockbusters list(quickly growing as weeks go by): Mrs and Mrs Smith

Angelina Jolie is red hot!

The new Fiberops line is pretty funky(gosh i haven't used that word since..10yrs ago?). Pretty apt then, since head-honcho Alyasha has gone for a good ol' "rock & roll" theme. One of the ads went "Elvis stole the soul of rock & roll". As usual, well-executed graphix...see for yourself

some iPod ad inspired colors and graphic

some good ol' fashion Fiberops skull print

New seamless Air Force 1 launch at the Four Lounge in the windy city May 4th, brought by Phli and Complex mag. I quite like the purple...seems to grow on me the more i look at it
flyer front and back
Link via Freshness mag

What measures 73inches high and 53inches wide, and would fit right in my home?

psst, its legit and from Nigo too. ebay link

have a happy sunday

I love American Apparel..simple, quality, fair.
So it must be icing on the cake to have ads featuring hot models

oh yes, theres a few model dudes for u gals too

New tees for 05 by Well Bred

I love the "magnificent" tee...its an ode to Ichi the killer. Go rent, buy, steal or find out more
Tell George(DunkinDeeznuts) i sent you!

Sign up if you care

its a worthy cause


Triple update from me this weekend(u lucky readers...must be a blue-moon somewhere out there)

Sin City hasn't even shown in my part of the world, but Part2 and 3 are already in the works?! AWESOME!

"There are more than 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS all over the world and more than 11 million of those are aged between 15 and 24. Most don't know that they are carrying the HIV virus."
Do your part Get educated about HIV

This Jap site researches abandoned buildings/homes in Japan...creepy on one hand, interesting on the other

Autumn Whitehurst

She is fantastic...wait, no words is enough to describe her art
Unique combi of "vector lines and digital airbrush".... Dope
link via drawn

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