Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I heart skulls

Besides being a camo freak, i love skull designs...just got these tees, a Surface2Air 2003 vampire-skull print and a reprint of Jason Lee's vintage "666" skateboard artwork. Does that mean i have a goth fetish? Prolly not, i only love a good skull when i see one...

Check out these awesome furoshiki style bags, made from a single sheet of vinyl, washable, reusable, with funky colors!(damn, thats like the 2nd time this week i used the "f" word)
Click here to purchase and browse the bags and wallets
link via coolhunting

Issue 3 of the Hyde magazine is out... go download! Great stuff, Lars!

Check out Harry's nice cool blog for kick-freaks like himself. Sneaks4Freaks

Bape x MTV charity Tee for Unicef dropping this Saturday at that lil' nondescript uber-cool-gallery-like store

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