Sunday, April 08, 2007

you know better...

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Easter weekend and streets seem more touristy, locals are either enjoying the long weekend with a short trip elsewhere or staying away from the "supposedly" crowded malls. Quite a few fashion shows still happening as a spillover from the SFF. Quite enjoyed the babes [but of course]
Guns & Roses: Chinese Democracy

Been putting Chinese Democracy on full rotation for the past week [thanks SKNNR]. Its sure been a long time coming for the album. Even Number (N)ine's had 2 full summers waiting for Axl's return for goodness sake, lol!
So can we expect more good 'ol stadium rock and crazy antics roll? I'd say very much so! Gone are the red bandana's, football jersey with white spandex, but the sound is still pretty vintage GnR
"There was a time"

Quite possibly the "Better" song of the lot, it kinda grows on me:

In any case, opening show is on 14th April in Japan with confirmed dates in Oz to follow. Time to go crazy boys and girls!

Yet another comeback...John McClane returns for probably the final installment. I guess Bruce Willis just wants to keep up with Stallone following Rocky6...but from what i see in the trailers: WOW
He blows away the competition with the fantastic crashes and explosions that has made McClane francise a studio sureshot.
Best line of trailer:
Man: "you just killed a helicopter with a car!"
McClane smugly: "...i was out of bullets..."
Peep the exclusive trailer for DieHard4 here
Oh wait, did i mention MaggieQ will be in it as well?
Motorhead: Ace of Spades
Most hype kids know nothing about further about a certain brand nor design besides price and rarity.

Can't really blame them, where else will they find the information? Not from where they read about the latest-greatest to drop this week, thats for sure.
Sighs, ain;t gonna be a rant. But enjoy the vid anyhow, frickin' rad
HystericGlamour - KurtCobain
Just saw this lovely lovely jacket by HG

RIP Kurt
Nike Woven Free5.0 Footscape

Not much info other than a pic. Check out the footscape woven with a Free5.0 sole
Think i'll hold judgement till after the see clearer closeups

Absolutely spot on stuff from the guys of MadTV!!!
"Don't put more things into I-Rack, it could collapse by itself!"
"Wrong! what I-Rack needs is more things!"
"Look the I-Rack's starting to smoke!"
"That's, that's just the beginning of synergy...i'll help the process along by throwing the rest of our money at I-Rack"

"i want you to stop focusing on the I-Rack, and focus on our new product...the iRan!"

Keeley Hazell

Ana Beatriz Barros

A Brazilian hottie other than Giselle? sure!
Eva for BeBe Sport
As if BeBe couldn't be hotter or sultrier....


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