Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Midweek clearup
Some pics/info to clear from my desktop...

Peep at the new GDEH UK release. Cute lil' shells, collegiate feel; i also like the "flight patch" remake for the military touch.
pics via UCS
Fred Perry/Jessica Ogden

After the successful Blank Canvas project, Jessica Ogden gets her own womens collection for Fred Perry. It prolly ain't every girls' tea, but i quite like the quaint/girly/feminine look of Jess... lovely
so hot you need shades

Supreme really seems to be flying of the starting blocks this year. The Oakley joints are so on point it hurts ['specially the fire-red and camo] Pity is that they also hurt the pockets
metal militia - supply

However, i can't really say the same for their wtaps collaboration. Sure its a monumental collab, and you can't really put down the entire collection. I'm also glad the US woodland camo gets featured, its about time, and pretty much along the design lines of a US-Japan collab work. I just can't fathom the comic skulls and font. I mean, philosophy mantra's, slogans, inspirational poems/messages in arabic fonts are more than welcome [and probably par for the wtaps course]; so you can imagine how much i did not want to see the closeup of the jacket and see those comic skulls and slogan..."too late to die"?! is that a Malcolm Maclaren reference gone wrong?
In any case, there are still redeeming points:

key note: simple is good
Frank's chops

Frank151 drops some lovely buckets for you headcases...heh heh
anyways, go cop them already
X-Wing DIY

If you'r still waiting for me to say something about this DIY paper X-Wing, you're nuts. Just click and awe!!!
ps: if anyone does succeed, please make me one? please?
Kate Moss - Dazed&Confused

The lovely Ms Kate has just made that pair of jeans the most sought after item come May. Dazed & Confused May issue features uber-model Kate Moss in her TopShop line [due May of course]


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