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tee talk pt2

Shot on the train, enjoying a spot of morning sunshine...
RTFP "updated sedition".501xx "southwest soil".NB860 "curry"
Sort of a short tribute with respect to the Trooper's tee-love...on with my tee rambles
Eyescream x Undercover

Hype blogs told ya about the tee Undercover did for the Eyescream mag anniversary. Yeah, well, besides the obvious [and well intended] pun on the zine's name, there's a short little background on the print.
Back when Jun Takahashi was Jonio & Nigo was still starting out after "LastOrgy2", one of the first few tees Nigo printed was this ice cream print that they sold in Nowhere. Its been mentioned before that Jun designed that print. And that was way way before Pharrell came [he was probably still learning to skate] knocking on Japan's doors and Nigo help paved his way to super-hype-stardom with BBC/Icescream.
Now i've been kicking myself numerous times for sleeping on the tees when they were [cheaply and unknowingly] available on the 'bay and elsewhere, but i managed to find the same print on a sweater:

Curious to see what the words say? click pic to enlarge =)

Now, remember this type of cynical/silly/mundane prints were done during the Ura-era, inspired the whimsical/most times nonsensical rock&roll/skate/punk influences the designers [and most of us boomers] were going through; not some follow-me-"mr me-too" hype crap most are churning. So the next time you spot the Eyescream x UC tee, you know Jun was having a little fun with his print.

And then we come to the latest iteration of the bape ice cream print [gosh, if i didn't tell you, would you have guessed there were so many versions of the ice cream print?] that bape have been retro-ing [rehashing] like the bape camo:

But of course, Nigo has been running away with it on the Icecream label.
Well, all i can say is, at least its up with the times, and prolly in line with what the label is putting out these days: blinged-out flava's.
Point to note: It's ok to play with it when it's your own design. We shall wait and see who else plays "mr me-too" eh?
Futura Laboratories
From one master of the medium to the next, check out Futura Lab's latest tee drops

Mr Lenny doing his Barbara Kruger box tee line with some updates: raised box print, as well as inject it his little idiosyncratic/cryptic verses

Also continuing on with his FLOM-For Love Or Money theme: Box print with wicked currency back print. Which inadvertently complements Kruger's famous "i shop therefore i am" print.

More Futura scribes and atoms [funnily in asia, they're called "balls" (esp by HK-hype-kids)]

A more familiar camo print for the quintessential pocket tee. And while it may look like yet another pointmen portrait, look closely, its done on daVinci artwork [!], its "Coded" indeed!
i sure am late for April Fool's, but i can't pass posting this up:

Alanis doing Fergie's "My Humps"...
It's sorta wierd/sick/but ultimately hilarious, esp when Alanis does her bump and grind routine [LOL]. And by the way, i think it might even be the better of the 2 songs, haha!
a Lisa Marie Scott moment



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