Monday, April 02, 2007

the shakes

It sure seems like i [or you]would have blurry eyes looking at the pics. Damn, i really need a new cam soon[next pay-day come fast].
Lunch jaunt in town: Supreme "Lafayette".w)taps BDUs.nb990.casioXhaze
is it me, or are the streets pretty dead lately? i dunno, maybe the happening stuff's are at night or something. it sure isn't in the day. where have all the cute chicks gone?
Shepard Fairey x WK Interact: East West Propaganda
agn├Ęs b continues to support the artists that move and shake the world, this time bringing Shepard Fairey & WK Interact, 2 pre-eminent figures in the international street art scene for a collaborative exhibition: East West Propaganda Project

If you happen to be in Shibuya or Aoyama, exhibit's on till 22April, before moving to Galerie du Jour

Pics of the artworks on display

and the proddy's of course.

Spring Summer for JustAnotherRichKid is out. Soft enzyme-washed rock&roll fits. Yep

New rsnt
I spy photo prints, and is that a Star-Wars font i see?
S2C SlamJam DJKit

Nice DJKit featuring vinyl sleeves and tee set from the folks at
info via Jaz
Cool expanding DB Fletcher table

Now wouldn't it be cool to have?

cheng t'ng

I love this dessert, simplest and easiest to prepare, and healthy too!
get the recipe and more here

Before i go, here's something you need to know about sex

have a nice week ahead

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