Saturday, February 03, 2007

Went Jap-craze this morn...

NBHD.Fragment.BaseControl tee~W)Taps "01 vote" L/S~lEvis503B~BapeSta camo
What can i say, old is gold. New hype got nothin' on old hype, heh

I've been a big fan of Tomohiro's Nexus7, and i really like the vibe of their 07 range, screening over classic tee prints.

Nik's gonna go ape-shit over the vintage batman tee i'm sure =)
that's it, i'm gonna go hunt for some good ol' vintage on ebay and rip some screens...anyone else with me?
AF1 XXV purikura

I'm seriously out bored and decided to make up my own purikura collage for the AF1 25th anniv. Go google and see what you come up with, no cheating with your own pics! haha
Court Force Lux - Uno Caol Showten

You guys have prob seen the special pair of Lux Court Force done for Uno Caol Showten at the "1Love" show for Nike AF1 in Tokyo. Well, here's 2 more closeups from the nite
Year of mornings

2 girls [Stephanie & Mav]live in different Portland's, 3191 miles apart, and take photos early in the morning w/o discussing whatsoever. And they [the photos] turn out to be oh-so-beautiful. Go click thru', you haven't missed much [its only Feb], and you [& I] are in for a visual treat
delete eraser

Isn't this a sweet eraser?
trolodyte doll

Cute Devious-looking plushes! get them here!

Denise Rishards - beach
Prolly milf territory, but still a hottie

Ms Rothstein
Apparently, she's Bam Margera's fiance...damn


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