Sunday, February 11, 2007

W)taps x Vans 2007

Looks like there's gonna be more evil coming our way, with the 2nd wave of W)taps Vans collabs. Word of caution: Crossbones with black midsole is very serioouussssly dope. Brothers out there with access to them babies, please drop me a line, we can work something out.
info via highsnobiety
Mihara SS07

MiharaYasuhiro SpringSummer 07 drops at The Asylum
Fred Perry
new season Fred Perry also drops

Lovin' the womens sweet is that baby blue top?!

no Fuss
Fuss shop is giving discounts, so don't miss these dpmhi decks!

here and here
Damn, wish i had the $$ to throw on the Gonz...
Have you found your Rabbit?
Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but Forest and Rabbit have pretty fun and innovative stuff out

I'm loving the redfox plush most

Peep the Rabbit and Redfox tees
But i had the chuckles when i saw this tee title "bikini girl tee"

And from the looks of it, it might be designed by/for local +65 boutique!
Besides the online shop @ noisyforest, you can pick 'em up at DoverStreetMarket, GuerillaStore +65 and 33J [in +65]

Shopspce at 33J Gilstead Rd
pirate big-ears

Roen rolls out the 3rd rendition of Disney characters, this time doing a swashbuckling Mickey. Roen's vinyl never ceases to amaze
house of holland

House of Holland is for those who like slogan tees and [supposed] UK wittiness. Personally i think its pretty cute and promotes friendly banter about design/designers. However at around usd60+ a pop, it doesn't impress/annoy/attract as much as it's worth. n any case, its now available locally at Ambush, together with the new aNYthing collection.


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