Saturday, February 17, 2007


Its an eventful week alrite. Best of health and wishes, from me at r@ndom r@mblings, to all my freindz and fam celebrating the Chinese New Year!
this lil' piggy went to the cake shop

Check out these 2 concoctions by the local cakery Breadtalk. Cute critters aren't they? No offence to Muslim friends out there of coz.
a drop in time
Y'know, i've been slagging off the Singapore Post for a while now, with the ridiculous service [deliberately not delivering parcels to door] to the rude [i think my door almost fell from the incessant knocks/hammerings]. But whaddya know, for the first time in a while, my perception of them might be changing. The folks actually delivered today - a normally half-day at the office!
So now yours truly finally gets some brand new denims and tee to remember the years...
uncovering those days

This tee takes me back a few years. Of course, the UC connosieurs have their Intermissions, Madsaki, But Beautiful faves, but i seriously adore this print, the forebearer to the cutesy/insanely popular UC teddy Converse.
And its such a subtle play on the Radiohead logo[!], haha
Good Vibes Fest
I most prolly won't be joining [some relations visiting], but for those dropping by the Good Vibrations Festival on 19th Monday, as if the Beasties and Jurassic5 ain't enough, be sure to spot the tricked out Subaru by Romon Yang aka Rostarr at the event too!

Don't forget to checkout the Rostarr DXA exhibition curated by Miguel Chew, sponsored by the friendly folks from Surrender and Kinemat on the 20th Feb.
1/22 Hand Screen Print tees
1/30 Silkscreen Prints
Location: Surrender @ 119 Devonshire Road
Entry: per invite
RSVP email:

aight, have a great weekend ahead. catch up in a while!

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