Monday, February 12, 2007

french toast.lil' green bag

Started out the day on a good note, coffee and french toast! Not too shabby, even though they looked like tau-pok [fried tou-fu]. A dash of sugar and it's all gone in the tummy, LOL.

Can ya spot me?
Seems like i was early for the bus [1st time in ages i swear], and played with the phone cam. Sporting the Serra's again today, was thinking of dropping by town later after work for some last minute V-Day shopping.

Been mesmerised by studio e paper's lovely cards. Not really sure if i can pull off something like that in such a short time, maybe will try something simpler. But on to the shopping...

Scooted off work early, something i'm doing quite alot lately i'm glad. Spotted my lovely pal Von, haven't seen her in years and she's still as hot as ever. Still amazingly single [but recently attached to a bf] and passionate as ever promoting the WCG.

Bape cycles.Zoopreme."Southwest Soil".Visvim Serra.StussyxLoweAlpine
Much has been said about promoting the level of customer service in SG. Somehow i still think its far from being ideal, like the type of stares or non-service to dudes in "street" clothes...whats up with that? Just coz i wasn't in shirt and pants? pfft
I didn't even give any attitude, just a dude browsing for gifts man.
And its not like i don't know about service, so whatevs, whoever provides me the service gets my dough

Finally decided on the little green box courtesy of the lovely lady at DFS [din catch your name, but much thanks]. And how cute is the Agatha hairclip? Couldn't resist
Nike 10AC

The 10AC pack drops outside of Japan, go get it at LE. We know by now its for the Caol Uno Showten, but for those still clueless, "10AC" is "CAOL" spelt backwards [duh]
letterpress penguins

still on Etsy shops, i love these letterpress penguin flat notes! Too bad they're sold out, will drop them a mail-nice!
logic puzzles
Retrokid flits in and out of the news sometimes, but check out what he's up to lately, logic puzzles[!]. It's said that major corporations use these type of qestions to test their applicants
Both Reed and Susan are Dr. Strange’s students. Dr. Strange’s birthday is Day N of Month M. Neither student knows which date it is from the following ten dates. Dr. Strange told M to Reed and N to Susan and asked them if they got his birthday.

March 4, March 5, March 8
June 4, June 7
Sept 1, Sept 5
Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 8

Reed said, “If I don’t know, neither will Susan.”
Susan said, “Originally I didn’t know, but now I got it.”
Reed said, “Oh, now I got it too.”

Please infer Dr. Strange’s birthday based on the above dialogue in one hour.
Perhaps i'm just too bored, but i got my answer in less than 15minutes. What about you?
Scotty Cranmer - the next generation
Steven, Andrew "Pants" and Earn rave about this dude, and for helluva good reason too

BMX - Sentenced to Life: insane

winning run at San Jose: peep his run, pipping Ryan Nyquist


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