Sunday, February 11, 2007

t'was the week before CNY
'07 sure is moving quickly along, blink and it's V-Day and the Chinese New Year already. I'm cracking my brains as to what to get the lady for Wednesday, any suggestions???
Serra Hiker

serra on a near-empty friday morning train
These babies are seriously comfy given the bulky stature/exterior. Well, comfy in the sense of a boot, not a loafer. Fit is almost perfect. Don't be fooled by the clean suede, some nicks have begun to appear, but like Hiroki says it himself, they have to be worn to bring out their character. Speaking of Hiroki, he has teepee/tent project going on for DSM and FIL. Dude is serious.
AF1 25th - Masterpiece launch
Dropped by the AF1 gallery at Clarke Quay for the Masterpiece launch.

Pulled thru' the archive and un-DS the Stussy Nexus7. W)taps BDU roll-ups and

took out the lady [3M snakes] for a walk. It's been ages since she's been out, hibernating in the ice-age, haha

Haven't been to the AF1 gallery since it opened 2 weeks ago, its a pretty nice set-up. Met up with Man and Seb[dude rocked the PE-xclusive AllStars, sick]. Crowd was slowly building up while i nursed a Heiny. Sadly, the cam chose to get worked up today and most of what i took came out like noise interference. Also caught up with Philip and Prisc when they popped in later, just back from the HK Yoropiko launch and TKO swing-back. Gave me breakdown of the upcoming Dragon and even the next ST33 details - the Japan shit will be hot. hint: Steve Irwin RIP [more on that much laters..heh]

view of the gathering from the back

shot of the display walls [courtesy Seb] and one of my faves aside all the hype rarities - Taiwans and JD's! [those soles still look crystal!]

shot of the Original 6 pack as well as the upcoming All Star Las Vegas gold pack
All Star LV will be the first time its held in a non-NBA city, and along with the AF1 25th anniv, Nike rolled out the AF1 and AF25 commemorative pack in premium/supreme leather with gold laser etching. The pack comes with gold-plated belt buckles and hang-tags[!]
sole obsession

Also got introduced to sneaker-nut Eugene, he'll be organising the Sole Obsession meetup. Remember the days of Niketalk summits and CT meets? Well, if you don't, i guess you belong in the hype-age. Eugene promises it'll be a low-key thingmajig, just a gathering of like-minded folks for a little get-together time. Free-booze, whats to loose? haha
See y'all down at the White Room. The dude's willing to part with a pair of Size? NB's [and a few yet-to-be-announced pairs] for the early birds. Get ready for a peep at the NB Yoropiko set as well.
Christina by Ellen von Urwerth

These BW shots are lovely!

Jenn's leaked on-set shots
I'm sure everyone remembers this shot of Jenn from the Rolling Stone cover [i still have that in mint condition somewhere] and asked for [just a little] more

And most men will have liked to be in Vince's position in this scene from the movie "the Breakup", coz this is what he saw:

Some German mag got their hands on the on-set shots, lucky you

Kelly Hu
I always thought she's hot

Pic of the day from Martin Luther King Day:

what would the Man think?


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