Sunday, February 25, 2007


Copped the pic while in my uncle's mini van last week. 'Scuse the huge turn-ups on the denims, i didn't even had time to alter them properly. Hmm, that reminds me, gotta head down to Johnny's shop sometime to get it done. 2nd pic is of the long-delayed Singapore Flyer project, viewed from the expressway. Sure seems to be coming up fast. For those interested, you supposedly could see up to Indonesia and far into Malaysia on a clear [haze-less] day, since its even taller than the London Eye.
Yeah, as you'd guess, our neighbours will have something to complain about yet again. Peep this nice read in the Economist for a change - yep, we like it, loud and proud

Caught The Protege on Saturday. From the dearth of good HK movies lately, i'd think its a good bet for the Golden Horse award. It's a pretty straight forward plot about undercover cops on a drug raid ala Infernal Affairs aka The Departed for Hollywood folks. And i guess you really can't mess with the tried and tested formula. I do wish for them to do away with the somewhat "sweet" ending where the proverbial "love conquers all" theme kicks in; they should've ended with Daniel Wu's Nick in a conundrum on whether to get sucked into drugs or the undercover world,that would be a nice parallel. All said, Andy Lau should get a Best Actor nod since he lost to Tony Leung for Infernal.

'Preme Ari tee.Haze GShock.Stussy Skull Gramps.Olive World Cup wovens
Popped by town real quick today to pick up a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for KK's housewarming gathering. I'm beginning to enjoy the dash of grapes lately, a nice chnge from the hard stuff.
Nexus7 "Alicia does it better"

Fresh off Tomohiro's blog, this tee is done for R*izm's anniversary. Lovely rendition ala Stussy's photo-print, and carrying on this season's "Kate Moss does it better" theme [anybody able to help me out with that one?], N7 brings out longtime print-fave Alicia Keys [besides Angie of course]

In case you missed it, here's the N7 x HP Boston. The size is perfect don'tcha think?
Hysteric Glamour - Kurt

Hysteric pays timely homage to Kurt [it was his birthday last week]
I've checked and i've read in forums that its all sold out. Sad, cos i would've loved one...

From the creative head behind ihavepop, Juse brings forth Lavar based on the streets of LA. Check out the dope visuals on the site background, the current collection and the latest drop: JBA customs

50 tees, individually customised, hand dyed, stitched, pulled etc, designed by Lavar crew member Jim Bauer, they are now up online. I'm a stickler for all-over prints and these are slowly growing on me! Best be quick if you want them in your size/print preference
holler back, J

Its the question on everybody's lips..."Do you know Merkley???"
Simply awesome photographer making a name for himself in the webspace of flickr, using nothing but a good eye, wit, great photoshop technique and and endless supply of naked women.
when i grow up, i wanna be a flickr photographer...


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