Saturday, February 24, 2007

Product Placementz
Supz, couple of visuals to start the weekend spending...
Addict UK - 07 artist series
Addict's got a brand new line up of their popular artist series tees:

Jago and Mode2 [my fave of the lot]

SheOne [still pushing out mind blowing strokes] and Will Barras [keepin' it simple]
Give a shoutout to the guys, their collections are definitely for keeps.
Devon Aoki for LevisLadyStyle
Love this set of print ads for Levis Lady Style featuring Devon Aoki

The Ladystyle closet in Shinjuku boasts a red carpet-like installation that gives customers a sensation of walking on a bed of roses, and the Kaleidoscope Room chaging area with mood floor lighting engulfing the room in dreamy lights, sights and sound.
4-1-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
ACR F/W 07/08

Not that i feel the need to post this, but those in know would've known already. But if i read the mailer correctly, the clothing pics weren't supposed to be shown to public right? so what's with the all the coverage?
SoleObsession - Pt3

Part 3 of the sneak peek, check out the shoe that will be given away on the Sunday [4th Mar]. Lottery will only be available to the 1st 50, so drop by early eh? and remember to give a pat on the back for my man Eugene
Griffin reflect case

These Griffin tech cases "present a seamless, mirrored-chrome reflective face to the world -- until you wake up your player, and the brightened screen shows through the chrome as if by magic".
Plus it doubles as a vanity mirror! LOL


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