Tuesday, February 20, 2007


New Year's are always a time for new clothes, thankfully my bounty of tees come in handy.
Day 1's Polo tee.Double RL slims.Haze G-shock.SlamJam Terminators [well, the FengShui master said i gotta wear a little red on Day1]
Day 2: Electric Cottage.Double RL slims.Fragment Casio DB81.Visvim Serra [same dude said it was auspicious to have green on Day2, i think olive qualifies]
Nite 2: Bape x F2K. w)taps roll-ups. Woven olive WC edition [not pictured, but its in the archives]
toy greets

Think i look quite like this Qee bear, hahaha. In any case, more greetings from my toys to ya. Yum Seng is what the Cantonese call a toast, and we sure have lots of those during our meals!
And those singles [like me] will get to "earn" our keep, so to speak...haha

SoleObsession - Puma Clyde display

Yet another update in the build up to the gathering on 4th Mar, this time a sneak peek at the ultra rare display of Clydes. Peep the Doug E Fresh and Cash Money suedes: So rare and discontinued that its rumored that even the celebrities themselves don't even have them!
NB JP - RC576 [???]
This one caught me a little off-guard. The Japan exclusive set of 576 has been given the RC - racing comp treatment. Sleeker lines and outsole, and a revamped encap heel cap give the 576 a nice makeover!

image hosted by ImageVenue.com
In Blk, Gold, Silver, White leathers

via Mita
Smap x Hermes

The J-pop super-boy-band are still at it, unbelievable! Just love the collabs those Japs think of...Hermes!
Undftd x S2C x Hectic triple threat T

A nice peek at the tee made for the NB MT580 triple threat. Candy dots!
Nobody Here

I seriously am in awe of the work that went into this
Get sucked in and start clickin'!!!
Madonna for H&M

Madonna does her M-line for H&M for the 2nd time. Celeb lines sure are the way to go, from end 06 flowing over to 07.

Purple Fashion magazine #7
some scans from issue #7

shots by Terry Richrdson

shots by Juergan and K.Lagerfeld

shots by Richard Bush


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