Thursday, February 15, 2007


A lovely Valentine's to one & all...
Its mid-week and my brain's tired and pretty much fried

My 576 "milk" is quickly turning out to be a "beater" in my wardrobe. Think i have to break out the polishing cream pretty soon.

I swung by for a short visit to a longtime pal...ain't he a handsome jock? Quite amazed by how much he's grown; and he still recognises me! haha, i can't resist a wagging tail, and i think he sure enjoyed the attention i gave him, as did his lovely owner :)
Can't help hearing this song at the back of my head tho'...

...fearin' i too might say something stupid...
to the heavens...

What's that? it's a tiny lil' tiramisu by Crystal Jade! Just curious to try out if it tastes as sweet as it looks

Judging from the big chunk i scooped up, its lovely! [even left a lil' choco-something on the table, haha]

Much awaited pair turns up at the door, its the Slam Jam Terminators! I think the color combo is done just right, chocs and cherry red swoosh - like my tiramisu!

I never got a Polo in a gift box before, looks pretty posh! T'is prolly gonna be worn this Sunday, it has a green Polo logo!
sole obsession tees

Peep the tees for the upcoming Sole Obsession meet. I'm a lover of skulls, and i def approve of this tee! Get down early if you want the tee
Remember the date 4thMar: 3-4-07
White Room - 37 Haji Lane
Xtina for Maxim

damn...double-damn she's hot!

posh pop out

And how can i leave Posh out on V-day with some out of this world nips...Nice tartan wrap-around tough, and that bag breaks lots of hearts i'm sure

Wentworth Miller x GAP

I know quite a few gal pals falling head over heels for this dude. Cool-ass bloke from Prison Break...hmm, i think khakis are coming back again

Wyclef boner @ Shakira

Now i haven't watched this week's Grammy's, but this i gotta check out in real time. Wyclef getting what comes naturally when looking at Shakira, LOL

pic of the day: insecurity

laters y'all

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