Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Stussy ProKeds~lEvis 201xx
Anyone out there still has/wears these? Don't know 'bout you guys, but i love and wear my pair to death sometimes. Not the most comfy [i can't believe pro players balled in ProKeds high-tops!], but you can't beat the sneaker [ProKeds was the first to call them sneakers] from everyday-wear
drops cont'd - packaging
More lovelies dropping in as the lead-in to the holidays in a few weeks time. This time its the Nike hTm Air Moc Mid. I still can't believe how some people don't follow the double-boxing when sending shoes with boxes. Maybe they aren't collectors etc, but don't the postal offices all have ready-sized boxes already? Makes me wonder where the high postal charges go to.
What i could salvage from:

At least there wasn't water damage

Released in '05 to [virtually] no fanfare, this model dropped into oblivion soon enough. I always loved the ACG range, and the moc is comfy and snug as any bootie out there. Trust the hTm triumvirate to mate cool classy form with rugged ACG thats a given with the moc mid.

I didn't know this before, but the moc mids come with something special. The insole looked a little wierd with some cotton/nylon cover, so i took them out and found out they were "invisible-socks"! [those that end below ankle-level]

Check out the hieroglyphic-like features on the outsole nubs. Anyone knows what they mean/are part of?

Feb 14 is looming by, so check out this cute penguin v-day card and lovely red lovebirds apron!
friends - cluck
Nik actually got one of those EGLU houses for his chickens! How cute! and of course in pink! haha

Looks absolutely awesome and [dare i say it] chic! =)
Oh yeah, congrats on the new addition to your family! Another trooper for the HQ! LOL
Speaking of the trooper, the RTFP "updated seditionaries" tee is up for $ale at figurepunk
Free Image Hosting at
Looking forward to more goodies from the bat-lovin' punk-trooper union!
last but not least, bestest of wishes to henne

get silly drunk at cookies with the man if you happen to be in location

still manages to look hot

Lisa Gleave

Lovely ideas for the saying goes, less is more


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