Saturday, March 03, 2007

bling and you'll miss it

My sneakerbuddy in heaven Ibby [RIP] always said i had the knack of digging through ebay. Well, those were the days when it was really possible to get some really awesome finds, with novice sellers wrongly labelling their auctions or simply straight-up dudes/heads who didn't really care much about market-value etc and wanted to pass on their stash to the next head.
I'm sure he'd approve of my latest pick up, literally bargain basement for a bling bape item. I know there's lots of bape haters out there, and the crazecolor camo/BBC sh!tz don't really do it for me either. But truth be told, i've always loved bape [peep my writeups on the right collumn] and white/snow camo fits well into yet another of my loves:camo! The bling just adds that dash of exclusitivity, ya'know? haha!
HF effect

You know you're the god-father and doyen of modern streetwear as we know it when you could burp loudly and every social etiquette handbook will be re-written, just because you're HF.
Like my bro S-78 has nicknamed, those Visvim "Charlie Browns" are matchmade to the new FBT's, as are to GDEH[jp] and RSNT tees.
Speaking of which, initially i really thought the Global-line [or G-line to acronym-lovin' otaku's] of Visvims should/could be dope. But upon 2nd look following the launch in state-side, it really does seem abit like mHi versus Maharishi isn't it? or Versus vs GianniVersace, or AX vs Armani... Only diff is, the price is the same [sadly], but somehow the design or look of the line doesn't really fit into my impression of the label. Earth tones and the odd dash of primary colors works fine enough for me, Hiroki
Neckface Vans

Got the mailer that LE has got the exclusive drop on some Neckface Vans joints. Strictly for the fans, i'd say. With all respects, the young dude is talented and has great street cred, this just doesn't work for me.

All in, i guess most hype-kids will be queueing in overtime, cos like streetwear has evolved latey: "if you got the shoes, better cop the tees to mae an extra buck on ebay"
SoleObsession: T minus 1 day
Last reminder for +65 dudes [i meant local dudes, not senior citizens], drop by the White Room tomorrow [5pm onwards, 4th Mar] for a small gathering of sneakerheadz.

Pics of the display frontal getting ready [pic courtesy of Eugene] and some stickies for arrivals
See ya there
White Room: 37 Hagi Lane S(189230)

This is so gonna be my movie-of-the-year so far [maybe besides Grindhouse, but thats another post]
Peep the excellent movie site for Black Snake Moan. I was gonna search for pics of the hot Christina Ricci, who acts as a nymph in the movie [woohho!], but ended up reading more into the movie plots, director and script-writers' thoughts instead. A must-see for sure
Of course, i can't leave you without at least a peek at the lovely Ms Ricci right?

Ricci as Rae and herself at the premiere
Xtina in Houston
I'm liking her more each time i see her concert/paparazzi/promo pics

Who needs Britney [who?] when you got Xtina, plus she's not aneroxic and she's got womanly curves to boot?!
Shout outs to my man Juse, will dig for more chick pics to share! haha


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