Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nothing excites me more than having surprises at the mailbox. And with the 2nd coming of the online boom, the postal earnings from airfreight/cargo more than make up for the slump in snail mail

Absolutely delighted when the courier pulled up: the NB Centennial commemorative book! With footwear replicas! That 575 looks suspiciously like a CT colorway, no? =P
Props to the dynamic duo for looking out for their bro, NB Fam for life!~ haha!
More sneak pics into the lookbook, with the history behind the legendary brand and nolstagic ads to come in later posts!
Plus, there'll be some behind the scene info on the upcoming release...

It was a crazy net rush a few weeks back in '06. Here's a continuation of my drawn out x'mas X b'day pressies for myself as they arrive through the post!

Finally hunted down a pair of lEvis 503B Japan editions. Doesn't it look lovely beside the Levis x Junya Watanabe? heh
Thank god for helpful & truthful sellers. Point to note for denim hunters, always remember to ask for actual measurements!

Lovely wash and "whiskering" and you can't go without with the faded tag, big E tab and "J22" button!
Lazy B/W

Can't fake the M-Lau script, i was flipping over the lovely deal for this Lazy B/W. And you can't go wrong with the LMF crew - LMFamilia!
I probably can't afford the original GardenerGala's, but a signed Crazysmiles comes a very close second. And until i hit the next bonus or lottery, i'm gonna have to curb the vinyl rush. If anyone wants to hook a vinyl-lovin' brother up, drop me a line man
AJ1-BeginningMomentsPack dilemma
Couple weeks back when i posted about this interesting box set, i was pretty happy with the black toe re-release, except that the grainy pics seem to suggest a travesty of a mid-cut.

And although lots of people and J-fiends have mentioned that it IS a high-cut [a Jordan mid would've been like a Dunk Mid with strap - shudder], a simple comparison to the OG would suffice to quell the argument:

Just count 'em, 8 eyelets on the BMP retro and 9 on the OG's. That alone accounts for the "higher" cut.
Maybe its the modern taste [thicker ankles on youths perhaps], maybe they did a sample test on a section of demographics [the same age group that likes candy-colored-creativeless-allover-print-hoodies]. i don't know about you, but they shouldn't have changed the height on a classic like AJ1. I know a "retro" ain't a "design" unless you put some changes on form, fit and function [coz ifthey didn't do anything, its just another production run using the old mould], but they could've just done the usual ugly stuff like Jumpmans in place of "Air" and embroidered "23"s on the shoe rather than mess with the height.

Oh well, at least you have a swanky box to keep the vintage AJ tees, and like Seb and Jon say, you can always wear jeans to hide the cut.

Back in a bit

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