Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday walkabout
Went totally kaput on the bed on early Sat, woke up a couple hours later in basically the same position i laid on earlier. Damn, at least it was a good sleep. Been having wierd dreams the past week, waking up at like 2, 3am and totally messing up the attention span.
Headed out dark and early...sun's been hiding the couple of days. Its back to those non-stop rains yet again. I've read somewhere in the news that the weather's been real messed up, and while its not big news to me, at least global warming is back on primetime. Hopefully, this time it'll mean more to the people out there than just spring flowers blossoming, or folks being able to wear t-shirts and berms in the streets of NY or Washington, or bonus-laden Wall-Street stockbrokers teeing off in the early January. For now? at least we're not having a drought. "better wet than parched dry" i always say

Threw on a S2C "rock my gold" Jpn edition + 503B + 576 jkt edition[not pictured] + Nike George "Iceman" Gervin zip sweat for good measure.

Town sure is packed these days. I guess the tourism board should get a pat on the back for the record visits, but i sure hope they realise the capacity with which the city can handle them. Its bad enough with the car traffic and parking frustrations, and elbow room is turning into a real commodity alongside the bargains in stores. I can't imagine it being more packed, but for anyone dropping by, come by in Feb during the Chinese New Year, you'll be running to the comfort of the hotel room soon enough!

The stores are gearing up for CNY well enough, i'm beginning to see the little ripple waves of the sea of red and gold in the decorations and window displays. And yet i still can't seem to find much to tickle my interest or wallet. My bro Arthur says my online shopping addiction dulls the real-life experience. Well, i guess it says even more about how real-life 3D shopping experience loses out to the more-or-less 2D experience of the internet!
GDEH Harris Tweed bears

Still have a soft spot for bears, and these tweed plushes are lovely. Sadly, they should be going for a pretty penny [given the Harris tag, and limitation is a given for GDEH]. If anyone out there has a spare one from a promo, help a bear-lovin' buddy out?
Asylum sale
Free Image Hosting at
Asylum sale started over the weekend. Love the flyer.
Heart of the Wii

Ever wondered what goes on under the cover and in the heart of the exceptional Wii controller???
NYT lets in on the secret
Don't you feel smarter already?
Soccer Kid

This has got to be the nicest ad i've seen in a long time. Not necessarily the coolest, or grandest, funniest, mind blowing etc etc... but simply nicest. Sometimes words are just not necessary

Charlize Theron HQ's

Elena Santarelli welcomes all into the 2007 and January

Since the Staple 2007 lookbook will be available at the Reed Space NYC, here's a couple more pics to whet your appetite. Props to Mr S =)

Back in a bit, gone for a byte


zim said...

there a site where they got the whole set of Yonehara pics? if it's gonna be that packed in Feb then shiiiit!

xymon said...

you comin' over in Feb, Azim?

best bet to get hi-res pics of Yone are from the actual book. or you could mail me, i got some screen caps ;)