Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dropped by town on Tuesday for a quick lookaround for ID mag for buddy S78. [Turns out they're sold out @ Kino, bro] While loitering around the sidewalks enjoying the evening shopping crowd, i heard someone call out my name. Now, there's plenty of Simon's around, and i ain't that famous to be stalked, but that dude looked awfully familiar - - damn, its my long lost brother Terrence! HA! There are best friends and then there's BEST friends. You know he belongs to the latter when minutes after asking each other about where we've been [bro was overseas studying for past years, changed phones and lost contact] and what jobs we were holding, we begin exchanging info on the latest in-the-know underground music, videos, indie movies, bitching 'bout DJ Shadow's "Outsider", whether we were hooking up at the beastie boys gig... Damn, sure felt like the good ol' days man! LOL

And as i made my way home, whaddya know, spotted Sonny walking by! Dude's making big waves these days and still as laid back and chill. 3 years into his residency at Zouk...if y ain't heard of him yet, you'd better! Here's some of his hypnotic mixes on another tip if ya haven't discovered this site yet. Have it on your pc, full blast, all day. Freshest sounds from the corners of the good earth. Spread the word - and bop/sway/breathe to the soundscapes at

TAPS bones

Ah, finally the long awaited arrival of my W)Taps x Vans Chukka! For some, the Sk8-Hi's are the grail, for me, its the Chukka: simple lines + great feel.
The additions of skate vcds, hang tags, shoe bag, dedicated drawer box are just icing on the bone-cake. Hell of a complement to my Rogue SQN jkt:

STW2D - Punk's not dead
More evil in the mail, this time in the form of the 1st quaterly industry bible of '07: StreetWearToday. Cover is Hiroshi Fujiwara - 'nuff said, now go cop!

What's there about the godfather of street/pop/t-shirt/punk culture that hasn't been said or discovered? Well, as a measure of how entrenched Hiroshi is into the mainstream culture and vibe, the answer is there can never be enough. You simply yearn for the knowledge and insight of this surprisingly humble and down to earth guru. Props to Henrik [artoo] for the nice write-up, i'll only put up a tiny pic of the article. You wanna read more, get the mag!

Feature write-ups: Lacoste; Fenchurch; DCshoes; QuiksilverxDPM

Media Recommendations; Rick Klotz and the Freshjive revival

Director Doug Pray; upcoming '07 Trade shows

Stussy shoot with IST:London Chapter

And what would STW2D be without the lovely fashion shoots

Lovely and energetic shots

Lots more articles from where that came from, go spread the word!

Dominique Swain - hotzz

And if you still haven't searched for it yet. Keeley Hazell's sex tape is out. Don't need me to link it, just Google it.
Only question remains: "who the f*&k, f*&ks Keeley f*&kin' Hazell in her f*&kin' bra ?!" [to the twister of "she sells seashells by the seashore"]

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