Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"we see as through a glass darkly..."

I didn't managed to see as many movies in 2006 as i wished, and those that i did catch, well, wouldn't constitute much into a "movies to watch in 2006" list. There's plenty of critics' list available online and in print, so i'll spare the usual bull. Here's a couple of interesting films that might have slipped under your radar behind the slew of Hollywood blockbusters:
A Scanner Darkly is simply put, a thought provoking movie on many levels. Fans of Philip K Dick really need to catch this. No, you don't have to read the book to catch the plot, but it'll no doubt add on to the flavor. Being a fan of graphic novels and comics since i was kid, it was delightful to see the entire movie shot in digital and redone in rotoshop. It is at once realistic and genre-merging. If it had been released in 2005, i would've put it top of the pile right next to Sin City.
Scanner follows the theme of drug abuse and the effects it has on the brain. And without rotoshopping, the film would be without the full flavor and the effect of a headtrip that it turned out to be. Keanu Reeves is once again in his element, the dude can probably play only a handful of roles, but this drug-confused-trapped-in-another-world role suits him perfectly. And what a lark for director Linklater to have Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson play the drug-user friends of Keanu's character Bob/Fred. They make an excellent contrast to Keanu's dullish monotonous and confused palette of emotions [not that much of a surprise there]. It was a limited release, but get the DVD if you can for lots of added goodies.

Al Gore's global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth comes across as thoughtful and conversational, delivered eloquently, which is an achievement given the lecture-like topics of ozone depletion, melting of polar ice caps and masses of scientific data.
Lie with Me is not an art film and doesn't wish to be. Director Clement Virgo just wants to turn the audience on and yep, it works. Naive characters maybe, but beautifully shot in an idyllic setting.
I admit, i was drawn to Shortbus by the hype and buzz over its explicit content in a mainstream film. However the characters' portrayal and working through their dysfunctional relationships make this an interesting movie. "Brutally honest, intense at times"...for sure.

I'll post up more interesting films as and when i come across [or downloa-oops, i mean, watched from the cinema or DVD]. Until then, on to the next topic!
AF1 25 years on

Whats Really Good magazine does an excellent preview of the 25th anniversary of the iconic Nike Air Force 1. For those that missed out on a copy of Sole Provider, the presentation recaps the original 6 players on whom the AF1 pivoted on during its launch. Lots have been said about the new "tweaking" of the classic shoe, and i myself have thought that Nike should've done something different. But then again, as much as you think about it, the shoe is so classic, so basic to anyone's wardrobe, that nothing else really needs to be added or taken away from the original design. adidas may have the SuperStar, Puma the Clyde/Suede and the millions of fans who proclaim them as their shoe of choice. Well, they are classics no doubt, but does it transcend the different styles and looks like the AF1? Could you pair it with a suit and look classy? Pair them with XXL tee and long-shorts for a hip-hop look?
Only other ways you could switch it up are changing the materials and colors, now thats what i call a great design.
Air Assault

Yet another classic about to be redone is the Air Assault. Now, i haven't been following much of the release dates and upcoming catalogs [if any kind soul has them, send them over please?], and unless this shoe is part of some 30-pair color rendition whim by Nike's color department, i think this model is hot. No need for patent leather/see-through transparent plastic/sesame street color palette/thick tongue eS-Bee-ing etc. Fine, i'll settle for logo replacement or slightly inferior leather [don't know for sure till i see them upclose], but thats about it.

So goldenballs himself dropped on a 14hr whirlwind tour in the land of the rising sun to launch the MotoRAZR. Peep the limited edition RAZR [inspired by Beck's tatoos] to be auctioned off to benefit Unicef.
Maria vs LeBron

Black Snake Moan

I know its only a trailer, but damn, i didn't know it's gonna be this good. Director of "Hustle & Flow", Samuel L "muthafuckin" Jackson, Justin Timberlake [what?!] and Christina Ricci as a nymph[!!] = you know its gonna kick ass
"getchoo ass back in da house"

import winter wonderland

KT and Jeri's Santa helpers play cute

laters y'all

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