Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So what do you do when a couple of buddies ask ya out for lunch get-together? Say yes and take the half day off work anyways of course! LOL
Over a delightful meal at "Lao BeiJing" [old BeiJing] at Velocity, much was revealed about the upcoming "NB SuperTeam33" and other hush-hush developments.
More of that little meetup/pow-wow laters, too much top secret info stuff, but i'll fill you guys in as time goes.
to the Maxx

Look what dropped in the mailbox today! Finally got my colored GardenerGala Maxx to complement the grey one i got years ago. Simple twist of the color palette and cool ol' Maxx cops a different attitude. I'm expecting more Michael Lau goodness to come through the next few days - i think of it as my extended x'mas/b-day presents, heh heh.

Someone managed to cop the Lux editions of the AF1 XXV at Edison's ACU shop China. Looking good so far, but then again, for about usd$2000, it better be good. adicolor #1 has nothing on this, suitcase or not.
Homer sculpture jigsaw

Can't belive i missed this during the x'mas season recently, this would've been a hoot to have! Distributed by BV Leisure, its actually 150 individual layers of Simpsons jigsaws, stacked to form Homer's head sculpture!!! And what's more, you can customise and bring Homer to life in his signature Simpsons yellow skin-tone, haha
It's sold out in most places online already [although most will be restocking], but here's one for ya: get it here
S2C drops
Haven't been keeping up with the releases lately, but these couple should be good buys:

Stussy Goth Camo cap - I think its a game of who has the first dibs on naming camo. Damn, "goth camo" is way cool..but actually not what i really expected visually on the cap. Nonetheless it should nice for the collection

Couple of dope L/S tees. Anyone with a hookup for the skull crew? I don't care if anyone says dot-dots are on the way out, but skulls will always rule for me.
Butter wizard

I have seen plenty of cool stuff, but this takes the butter. erm,cake i mean. Isn't it irritating when you've gotta thaw out the butter everytime you take it outta the fridge? Weel, check this out: Temperature controlled butter y'all!

Earn informs of the upcoming Surrender sessions #5 at Zouk, 12th Jan. Go support!

Her name's Jarah Mariano. She hot. Pix via Victoria's Secrets Pink line. Drool
Couple of tunes doing heavy rotation at the mo'

Clipse feat. Pharrel "Mr Me Too"
Perfect for all the pretenders out there, heh heh, wonderful "performance ad" [is it a new term i coined?] showcasing Skateboard P's hypebeasting of BBC and Ice Creams to the delectable verses of the Clipse [top 10 albums of '06!]

Jay-Z "44-fours" from Kingdom Come
Video is actually a much earlier rendition, but those who got the advance Kingdom Come will have the '06 Live from RadioCityMusicHall. Lovely, just lovely. And how many mentions of Singapore can you cram? 40-40 club comin' at ya


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78 said...

yeah son. Jarah. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. The pink singlet is nuts. I'm gonna nut. hahahahaha.

Yo does Surrender actually release mixtapes or anything??