Sunday, January 07, 2007

another day

Snapped this on a wonky-eyed morning of 5th Jan. Turned out lousy, but thats almost similar to what half closed[opened] eyes see at 5am. Yeah, "happy birthday to me"...

Yet another day anyway for me, nothing too special. Didn't exactly have a nice week thus far at work for the new year, i was just happy to have a day nearer to the weekend. I even missed out on a surprise little b-day cake a couple of colleagues got for me on the 4th, LOL. A couple of sweeties decided to give me a surprise during evening of the 4th, not knowing i had left early for an appointment... ah well, the rest of the guys at my department didn't complain, they lapped up every little bit of the cake [heard it was good too, haha]

I was happy to get a red packet from Mom, i do get awkward still receiving such gifts from her, but hey, i ain't complaining, haha. And she manages to get a neopolitan ice cream cake for me, she definitely knows my sweet tooth [sorry bout the messy half-cake, it was gone in a flash before i could take the whole pic *burp]
My wish? Just wanna stay healthy and happy, and hopefully more wealthy =)
I did get to do a "pay it forward" though, figured since i got a nice surprise, i'd do the same for someone too...[hope that someone liked the smell of rosa-gallicanae]
Saturday lunch

Popped out for a quick bite at Crystal Jade on Saturday with A. I don't have many shoes as the average sneakerhead and lots are still on ice, but it's still ages since i last wore my pair of NB MT586. I seriously look too grey-out, i almost thought i took a black-white pic

Maybe i should add some pimpin' purple like Sophnet...

white - black

Visvim drops a lovely white collection. Everyone needs to have a pair of pure white sneaks, and these 3 are smokin'! And what an excellent complement the Nike Dunk Hi Premiums are to the Visvims. For the sneaker connosieurs out there, you'll know how rare it is for a pair of all-blacks, including the midsole, outsole. Plus this one's got contrasting stitches and full-grain leather...if only Nike took the same effort for all the other kicks out there. I guess thats why i gravitate to Visvims more and more, sneakers by sneaker lovers. White midsole, outsole, premium skins and butter fits, and you don't get the tons of ugly permutations to dull your taste.
I have no idea how to curb my sneaker addiction.
You guys have prolly seen these pics a million times by now. [i know i have]
If this is a sign of the things to come in Summer '07, yep, its gonna be a good year.
Who knew a mismatched tube bikini thingie could keep me occupied for hours? But, damn, she has a hard body

Jessica in a blue tube thingie the following day at the beach

Fernando Caleffi
Peep this Brazillian hottie

Penelope drops in on the act as well

Closing out with a bang - Alessandro Ambrosio in pink

Have a chillin' weekend y'all


poo said...

happy birthdays

78 said...

yo homie.
Big ups on the b'day yo yo yo!


I gots to say that I find it 'refreshing' that there are more pics of lovely ladies than product! hahahaha

But Penelope? homie... she ain't nothin' compared to Jessica... How INSANE is Alba? So so so so tight... the mind boggles...

Yo more packages coming shortly... I'm hittin up your country end of this month I think...