Friday, August 04, 2006


Came across this lovely logo-type generator, based on Amazon's vast catalog of items. Nifty stuff, check it here. Once you've created your logo-type, place your cursor over the tiny images to find something interesting!
the shadow is here

The one and only DJ Shadow drops tomorrow at Zouk. Can't believe there's so few publicity spots in the local media... :(

Got this in the mail! Woohoo! Love these "Skull Gramps" shorts by Stussy. It ain't dot-dots y'all, it's embroidered skulls!!! Not cheap-ass prints, and it's all out too: peep the detailing extending to even the back pockets! Definitely gonna rock this, thankfully we have the swarmy weather to match, haha!
Chrome hearts

Pretty unique stuff from Chrome Hearts collaboration with Joe Fotti over at DoverStreetMarket.
Info via theBrilliance
Check out this crazy Russian Parkour!!! I feel old and weak just watching these dudes!

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