Sunday, July 30, 2006


A pretty blah week gone by. Was glad to catch a movie yesterday. Lake House is pretty ok i'd say, great for those encountering the story for the 1st time. And if you cried for this movie, you'll cry buckets if you catchIL MARE, the original story the Keanu-Sandra romance flick was based on.
A girl's Life
Check out Tommy's column for BGHD, a nice regular collective offshoot from her Naive blog. Makes me wanna live her life too :x
CDG-guerilla store +65

The Guerilla store has moved for the 3rd time, meaning it is into its 3rd successful year of its Singapore occupation. Pretty good achievement i must say. But i guess it has outdone itself this has relocated to the suburb neighborhood of Bukit Merah in our sunny island. It'll be interesting to see how the neighborhood natives react to $200 CDG tees amid dingy shops selling cheap sundries and vintage hair salons..heh. Store operator in chief and mastermind for the location choice, Theseus mentions he is following the theology of the Garcons label to "be different". I think the camo facade fits the SG occupation to a T, i can't imagine the "dots" ala HK store to work the same. I can't wait to visit the store soon!
Speaking of local happenings...
gotta destroy to build

Huge collab by Surrender and NBHD due next week August. Just in time for the National Day celebrations, heh. The new line of tees have been out for 2 weeks now, Madsaki collabo's and multi-colore polo's feature prominently for me. surrender now

Brother-boutique Ambush drops the gdehuk line over the weekend as well.
pic courtesy of big Al
yeap, them rare dot-dot "g" tees are there...but not for long (fo' sure).
Some crazy drops by NB

60 pairs of these "saturday nite fever" incarnations in Paris. Sort of like those vintage Nike "disco" metro's eh? bet retrokid will love 'em

And its great to see Yosuke back again after that horrific incident in '04. That white Yamato pair has excellent embroidery!

Spotted this ad in Boon for NB JP's "love classic fair". The hemp 574 is kickin' ass.
got mail
like Shep Fairey;s Obey imprint + love Shadow's beats and mix = Can't resist the combo at dirt cheap prices on the 'bay. And he's coming by Zouk next week! (same day as the srdr x nbhd denim! bet you he gets a pair)

Shadow will be performing with Massive Attack in Germany and Cali over the next few weeks...that'll be ridiculously mind blowing. Need to get his new album "the outsider"..heard its hyphy!

Maybe i overpaid for 'em, but i don't care...its "general strikepiece" y'all, thats masterpiece enuff for me.
saw this "thingmajig" at turntable labs...

somehow, i got a feelin' its something i might buy...hmm
new bape/bbc x new era cap...killin' it with the Raiders 'do

also spotted that Pharrell's "in my mind" cd will have different covers of his caricature in various BBC/bape outfits.

what's this? It's so 90's variant-comic-book-covers!!!
tsk tsk

btw, in case some so-called "sneakerheads" think "variant" means the same as those lame-ass fake shoes on ebay, wake up:
multi-variation-limited-edition-1of100-mint-condition-chase-packs have been around for far longer kids. Sneakers are just the latest denomination of hype-mongers' registers! I have tons of NBA upperdeck/hoops/topps cards and comic books to back it
Boon 08 looks:
LEvis Fall looking great

there's also a great write up on denim in this month's Boon. A guide to the different types of denim, recommended streetwearing combo's, and even a pictorial guide to how different-sized jeans will look on an average joe! Interesting stuff, since i will tend to buy the denim i like, even if is over/under-sized (yeah, i'm nutz)

Also a nice look-see of upcoming w)taps:

the more i look at the dude wearing the Para Smock, the more it is hypnotizing me.. damn! "Teardrop" set is straight hotness, can't go wrong with dots or

BDU range is the mainstay and target for each season.
I like the "Germs" range for the visuals, especially the Field Jkt, pocket tee (Sam! i need this!) and the Paisley Hellweek sweater zip-up...but i'm not if i can pull off the look, or survive the heat!


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