Saturday, August 05, 2006

Check out Tommy's summer sale now on, with good reductions on Hyde SK, Milkfed and Xgirl items

Footpatrol has an upcoming footie sale as well...don't miss

And if you are in the states, check out the free shipping within continentel US promo by turntable labs

If you're in uk, Fourth Chamber has some choice reductions in Surrender tees and denim (yep!)...some drops in Franklin & Marshall too.

nice UARM tees (L: "alot of art is boring" by Ryan McGinness. R: "Evoluchion" by teh "Gonz".
Peep more niceties here

I like this Jill Bliss "undersea" tote!!
Go visit Day-Lab for more, including this:
Brice Bischoff "animal" postcard set!

Commonwealth has the full set of Victorinox Urban Survival kits online!
Lovely and well thought-out line of ads for Lego.

Something so innocuous that can turn out to be so much fun.
image hosted by
Lovely print work by Hiroshi Tanabe. get the book. link via the apt

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