Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stuff you just can't quite ignore from the grapevine
So when a "glocal" (read:local label gone global)label collabs with uber-hot-uraharajuku-big brother to most labels-IT brand, you're bound to get "messy".

I popped by on the 5th for a look-see...not that i'll be able to afford them, but you know, i thought i'd be able to hang around and do some people-watch, maybe have a chat with the guys behind the counter and stuff...
No dice, check out the craze:
Yeah, i guess it's a common sight these days, nothing worth wasting my bytes on.

Then comes the gossip/slime/gripe on the interweb forums about the labels and crazy Q's and all:
-denim has screened patches compared to the embroidered "skull&bones" of a recent release by same harajuku label
-due to above note, hence not worth the moolah...incidentally, the same "gripers" did not manage to get their pair
-the queue was out of hand, caused by queue-sitters (the most in-demand and rapidly growing economy this side of the world) who had flown in from the lands across their "South Seas"
-again, the above gripes were mostly by the sad peeps whose Q was cut and chances hampered (like 40:1)..and who had Q'ed the nite before (even sadder)
-big Al manages to pick and choose his point of sale, thus providing some locals of a chance to bag the denims (props!)
-above note became a gripe to previously mentioned and now-out-of-work Q-sitter (since they won;t b paid cos they are empty handed); and other locals, coz that same local dude went to peddle said-denim on the 'bay
-but most interesting gossip was about a certain "player" who was fingered as the sole mastermind (and employer) behind the Q-farce. why he did all that, and if the gossips are true, no one knows for sure...

Read into the title and you'll see said-"player"

Anywho, 80 pairs of denim are gone, either in sales or to frens & fam...the other 20? psst: you might get one when ordering juice


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