Sunday, August 06, 2006

lights! action!
As if the recently-concluded World Cup isn't enough to show the world how cool Germany is, check out Kubik in Berlin. 120 lighted/coordinated cubes synched by the indoor DJ-cum-lighting-J's: lights flash and display according to the rhythm...indoor-trance~outdoor-entrance

INFO here and lovely little vid of the installation
tre cool!!!
coming soon
Not much words needed, you guys should be able to figure it out

Something to help along the way: person x label
random pickies
Spotted these new Converse Jams in CoolTrans 08. Very "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"!!!

Reminds me of Jamaican colors ala Cross Colors and "Feeling Irie" by Shawn Stussy! and of course the big 'ol Mickey Mouse ears of Will Smith..heh

The mag also had a preview of the relaunch of IKEA in, Nihonjin's have been missing out on lots...Think of all these awesome batteries i'm having and they're not! LOL

Lovely box containing the free Sasquatch Fabrix flip flops. Seriously, with such an interesting name, i'm surprised they haven't taken over the world yet. Those colors are just so on-point!

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