Monday, August 21, 2006

So i was talkin' about how the tees today have evolved earlier and pretty much throughout my blog if you have been following. So what makes a great tee that can last through the years and remain in one's closet? I opened up my wardrobe (aka pandora's box) and saw it right in front of me. One sure thing you gotta have for a "hit" tee: sleeve details

But then again, you might argue, "hey thats like only a couple of labels you got there, it ain't fair". True, won't refute that. But i guess it either means i only get the good tees in or i have a fetish for sleeve detailing. Shit, i'm both, lol.
So from the "customades", "multiple technix", "kostas", "toon mania" prints of Stussy; to the tags of Base Control, Levis and of course Ape.

And before you claim "hype" tees, there are some pretty good vintage's in there. Here's one of my fave which i've been sporting week in week out to work: Fuct's Guerilla Tactics

Age-less print-work, and fore-father to the now ubiquitous "other" Ape reference to the Planet of the Apes movie. Peep Erik Brunetti's hidden sign-off. Lovely

And let's not forget the afore-mentioned sleeve print (an obvious label precursor to Ape's Manhunt) and fabulous rock & roll horned salute!
And flowing from rock-&-roll-skateboard-devil-may-care of Fuct...who can leave out the impact of stickers in street? I once read a thread on a certain uk forum, with some curious dude asking about a recent book by Jim Philips (him of the amazing screamin' hand. Google him if he's foreign to ya). He got flamed on by a couple of holier than thou blokes, slagging him 'bout how he must be a mama's boy and kid who still plays with barbie or something to that effect. Poor dude, another victim of the ridiculousness of e-beef...couldnt save him much. Anyway, it ain't street without the graf, the posters, the midnite marauders, it went hand-in-hand with the birth of the tee-shirt culture...

Check out Proud2Be, a 2nd take on the sticker collection of Mat. From clothe labels to record companies, to graf masters, its all in there.

Really like the book, especially with the familiar images, from the days of hanging around in skate shops to watching skate vids and ogling at the pro decks, to admiring the print works of graf and design labels.

Ha, i gots the N7 stuff too, much thanx to my bro KC!

Nods to the BGHD crew and the ever-friendly Flying Fortress!
You fries will be ready in 5 minutes, give or take a shadow...
Lovely innovative installation in Chicago by the Leo Burnett ad agency

Brings a smile the next time someone asks "what time is it?"

Speaking of advertising, check out these ads for BBC world. You either see it or you don't


Vol 2 is up. Tommy went on some lovely places to bing this month's edition to fuition. Go read


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