Sunday, August 20, 2006

Y'know, i'm seriously just stoning in front of my pc right now. There should be a thousand things i should be doing now, but hey, i guess the haircut's gotta wait; the weekend's worth of comatose slumber is outta question; tidying up the room to create storage space for my mags/shoes/clothes/ gotta be kiddying me...

So, lucky you who might be reading this...ha

I coldn't stop playing with this, and you should be subjected to the same fun too
Go click click for the meu meu!!!
I had a lengthy verbose mail convo yesterday (sorry for the late reply, Nik), on what's on the clothing racks lately. I can't really understand the all-over prints...Not that i'm too old for them, but sometimes i just wish there was more thought into the prints. But hey, maybe i just didn't know the guys behind the tees. I felt the OG "street" labels were better at it... probably shot myself in the foot though.
So you could have an excellent tee print like this:

but somehow still make mistakes like this:

just hope it was an off-day or something.

Skulls used to be the de riguer for tees of street cred. Sport a skull, get that "you're one of us" nod from that once-snobby industry player. I've said it befor and ill say it again, nobody does skulls like Tomohiro-san at N7:

The black "for-sure", while i'm feeling the white the more i stare at it.
Guess there's someone already doing the rambles for me. Presenting the best new blog award:
don't believe the hypebeast
I hope they keep the humor alive. Pity about the frequent poster who keeps advertising in the comments section. tsk

Talking about bad taste in clothes and mouth, I just watched the latest episode of Project Runway, and i can' for the life of me understand how Vincent could stay on the show. Truly, TV prducers run the show, what "reality" is there left?!
And if you were wondering, from the remaining bunch, i root for Jeffrey and Michael.

I can't believe how good it looks! Could it be that TMNT will fnally have a worthy celuloid run?
I'd say hell yeah, coz if SOaP can be such a runaway hit, this should torch the screens faster than you can say "cowabunga, dude!"
Check out this cool new advert by Coca Cola, done in the vein of Grand Theft Auto
click for Google Video
link via Rufus

have a nice week ahead

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