Thursday, August 10, 2006

Couldn't miss the last NDP at the National Stadium...dressed in the national colors of red & whites...

Red box and skull gramps, even brought my "year of the Horse" white/reds out of retirement just for the celebration!
right down to the wrist bands! ala Stussy Red and one-org's White

A points out where we parked..hella far from the stadium, but at least it was free and easy to find a spot! I'm pretty stoked at getting the "bird's eye view" seats...i get to see more (and less claustrophobic, lol)

Pre-show entertainment and my fave part: free-fallers!
spot something on the giant screens?

I liked the background of the clouds in the shots...lovely weather for a jump! I presume the 1st one to be Kurusamy aka Sky God. He's had more jumps than a grasshopper i reckon!

The rest of the gang follow in, playing a game of sport-landing. Easy-peasy, the guys do this in their free time!

The smoke-bombers dropped in later in tight formation

Its like a full-circle for me...i took part in the marching contingent pre-millinium and now i'm part of the spectators...

Supporting uniformed units file in...what do the boys in green form?

"2006"!!! hahaha, cute

Ah, my "brothers" finally enter the parade proper...lookin' spiffy in red & white!

Flag fly-past and yet another shot of the lovely sunset skyline...doesn't the Apache look lonely?

Last but not least...the fireworks:

part 2 continuation (sligtly longer)

Fitting finale and farewell to the grand old stadium

back to the usual spottings...
S2C packs
Saw these lovely packs by stussy, hope they won't be too ex

Pinstripe and Pop-art ala Shawn Stussy
new line up of Roadsta's from Bathing Ape

I'm still not feeling it...something about the materials and outsole matching i don't get

Been a tiring nite...seeya laters!

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