Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CAMO-how do i love thee?

Yet another addition to my addiction to camo tees. Reversible tee from the vintage era of Bape Gallery...not really fancying an all-out camo side, but will prob rock the black side with the sleeves showing the camo touch. Will prob look like a dork though... touch-n-go perception there.

New A/W 2006 catalog is out, with tartan towel giveaway and feature on Bape HK
druggie cartoon

Peep this cute cartoon found on a bottle of mineral water given out during the National Day celebrations...heh...
Real Facts

I try to pick out different drinks from the local 7-11 store for lunch everyday, it must be the shopping bug in me. But snapple drinks help to eliminate my dull and boring job somewhat...
Most of you guys prob know this already: Snapple drinks come with bottle caps with cute little messages on the inside. I like this: "the first penny had the motto: mind your own business"
Get more Real Facts from snapple.com
"world's toughest easy puzzle"

Don't know if you guys tried this puzzle game before...nifty little party game heh.
If you haven't figured it out, just go do a little search on the interweb
animals on the tube!

Nah, it ain't another "snakes on a plane"...though it'd be cool.. heh
Yet another reason to love the otherwise neglected underground tub
go Farming!

More animals! Try this cute little game. Tough as hell to me.. but then maybe coz i'm getting old...sighs
One-Nite only

Stuff you can find on the web!!!
Cute little trinket to create as your next home party invite!

Local celebrity Fiona was on the cover of 8Days tele-mag last week...one word: fwoah. Spankin' hot i tell ya. Overseas blog-readers-cum-advertising-agents out there, come get her!
the boys get their tee

In what must be a long-overdue release, them hype boys get their own limited edition tee. By Ultras, from Drooghi
Parting shot:
Check out this quite possible coolest domino rally you've seen of late:
house of domino

Laters kids

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