Sunday, August 27, 2006

I can't believe how much net surfin' i did yesterday. Probably equivalent to a week's worth, haha!
I think "childhood" sort of connects the following links...
I've got a sweet tooth, so this one definitely tops my list:
Lovely little concoction between Spanish sugar-maker Papabubble and Comme de Garcons Parfums. Sweet!

new Megatron
Transformers were an integral part of my love for toys...sadly, i think i lost a part of that childhood today when i saw what they had done in the re-design for villian Megatron:

news via megatron has a-hole mouth by "I Watch Stuff".

Vans launch ad

Absolutely love this ad for Vans. Skateboarder is printed on pop-up transparency material. Truly brings out the "Off the wall" element of the label.
*edit: unfortunately i forgot where i copped the photo, apologies to the ad-makers

And if you haven't been checking RTHQ, then you must be hoodwinked by all the hype-wool. Go see what's on his Radar.

Nik, found this pic on the interweb, bet you wished it was yours eh? lol
more stussy
In the jumble and mass blanket of hype, we sometimes neglect some of the good stuff out there. Loving these prints in the Stussy "Arts" line:

From the US city-exclusives, NY, LA, SF.

And while the Custom-made line may have fallen behind somewhat, these couple of retro-revisits prove that old is gold:

Loving the music reference, and you know that nobody does photo-prints like the guys at Stussy.

new release on 11Sept (uk) and 12Sept(us)
Been having marathon sessions of watching "Ghost Whisperer". Not exactly the most captivating series on the tube, but i guess it helps to pass time. and definitely with the help of JLH, heh, she's lovely:

Check out this ad appearing in local print media and causing quite a stir among the largely conservative community. Features the media darling and reigning "queen" of local tv, in an ad for beauty and skincare brand Imedeen.

"my secret to beautiful skin? i swallow" - alluding more to the fact that the skincare product is for internal use instead of the usual external application.
Attention grabbing for sure, but i bet its only par for course compared to ads in the States and Europe.

damn, this girl is hot on the links the past month eh? Great form *wink*


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