Sunday, November 28, 2004

Glad to back

Back from the olive drab and camo greens to civvie life...and i'm still poorer, blardy hell...bah!

Anyhoo, hope u had a great week...heres something to cheer u up
i'm a hotters girl!
Avril's halloween backstage pic...i'm beginning to dig her more these days

Some silly news while i was MIA...
guess u guys may have noticed the LeBron ads and posters around town...those guys in US know about it too...
They prob think we're a wierd bunch ...again

But "duh" article of the week goes to the Brits
SUVs harm the environment...duh

On the environmental note...some tragic animal news
I'm a dolphin lover thru-n-thru

and some interesting ones...which also explains the reason why i really love bbc documentaries and the discovery channel
Pandas do hand-stand to pee

Heres a follow-up of the Tara Reid "i'm so embarrassed" episode which u guys really liked(i got no response from the gals, so i assumed it turned u off)
New paparazzi pics of her in bikini(which isn't a bad thing...except for her "meat tenderizer" look-alike tummy)
what the hell is she doing to her once-hot bod?

Ok, pretty tired and bored already...and i've got a bad cough and runny nose on the way...catch up soon

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