Monday, December 06, 2004


under lots of work the past week...sorry if u have been expecting any blog updates...

i'll try to (promise!) put some nice stuff up soon.

its been a hectic and sleep-deficient past 4 days or so at the marathon expo...this year there were 14,000 runners (!) an amazing number if u ask me... thats 28,000 feet, give or take a imagine how many shoes i was selling! LOL :)

besides wishing i had a biohazard gas mask when i help the customers fit their shoes, i also wished i got the name of the gals manning the dive expo opposite me and the x'mas rave party booth on my right. damn, they were so cute! lol...alritey, enuff of wishful thinking, what was i thinking? do people actually read my blog?! pfft!

anywho, these pics remind me of them...or how they appear in my dreams... heh heh

back laters with other updates...Ta

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