Tuesday, December 28, 2004

bored bored bored

Sometimes its totally frustrating when nothing ever goes the way you want it, the way you think it, the way you... you get the idea. And on top of that, you get flushed down with all the additional info, matters that you need to attend to, situations you need to to consider, blah blah blah...urgh...and you reach the point of either being super tired by it all, or bored to death by the repetitiveness of all those thinking you need to do.

I was actually so bored today that i forced myself to be intrigued by machine grease...

Sighs...how i wish someone can just take my mind off these things running rings round my head...

Someone like her might help:

or someone with legs like Lin Chi-Ling:

i swear, her legs make me think naughty thoughts

Why doesn't someone with her looks appear when i'm most bored? =/



Indeed. Her legs are beautiful! Alright, I just feel like having a hand on that smooth flawless thighs..

Anonymous said...

i can just count on my dear yanz to appreciate my girlie pics.. lol