Monday, December 13, 2004

Weekend comes and goes...oh well, what the heck

Let me share your ipod
If anyone knows the name of the chick 2nd from right, tell her she is cute...with or without the ipod

And if you are a big frank miller fan as me, you'll like the way the next batman installment is looking... definitely along the lines of the Dark Knight series:
How cool is this?

have a nice monday ahead...and go watch "Alexander"...its prolly not as drool-worthy as the Brad Pitt Troy, but the narration and flow is pretty-ok... plus, you can't go wrong with the incestous Angelina Jolie and hot-bod Rosario Dawson..speaking of the latter, she def has a nice pair (under-18 kids, let me know if u need help sneaky under the radar for the entry, LOL)


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