Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cool Designs - "why didn't i think of that?"

Dunk Mug

Don't you love to have a little biscuit dunk in your morning cuppa? Dominic Skinner designed this quirky lil' thing...available at Mocha Home...unfortunately, sold out till Jan

Van Der Waal's world time clock

"This 12 sided clock has a city of each time zone placed along the outside which denotes the 12 o'clock marker for that city on the face." It takes the math and confusion out of time zone hopping. Simply position the clock with the desired city on top and the correct time is displayed.

But you may wonder: Van Der What?!?!
For all you non-scientifically-inclined friends out there, VDW's force is the attraction force between molecules... as for its relevance in this clock, its designed by Charlotte Van Der Waal's, yep, the descendant!

USB Cup Warmer

Please.... stop laughing already... *guffaw
Not being able to read Japanese I can only make assumptions based on the photos. It sure looks like the Cafe Pad is a USB powered cup warmer. Coming from the Japs, its nonetheless an unnecessary yet exciting mobile accessory.
Check it here

Take cares, Ta...

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