Wednesday, December 15, 2004

great way to remember someone by
sweet stuff

Ever get the feeling of tiredness that sets in when you get too comfortable with your environment? is it boredom in disguise? complacency? taking something for granted?
and why does Mr New-Challenge-Ahead always go along hand in hand with Ms Regret?

i don't know, maybe i'm just thinking too much, or too little, whichever point of view you may take. if anyone is reading and feels like listening, feel free to hit me up...

enuff about me... heres my pic of the day/week/month...(its that good)
heres the hottest pic on the net...kylie going commando, u decide for yourself
i DO believe!!!



pk said...

cool. is that some kinda sneakers compeition thingy? organised by?


btw, forgot to tell ya my blog addy.

xymon said...

yep, organised by an Aussie sneaker magazine "sneakerfreaker". lots of great customizers took part, i'm just lucky mine got a mention, hehe.

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