Thursday, December 09, 2004

Whispering "suede"-nothings

Some upcoming lovelies...i forsee an upping of suede's hip-quotient.
NB probably catering this release for the trendy and out-n-out crowd... i do like the ice-cream colors though.

If the thumbnails are not clear, click on them for a high quality pic...but don't blame me for slow downloading speed... :)

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Men's 576, red, orange, yellow....done in perforated suede.

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Women's 576,...what can i say... they are BRIGHT!... the green is hot though, so is the pink...gotta cop them!

Image hosted by
Mens 576, normal suede lether combo... a conservative range, sort of like the CT versions...

Image hosted by
Mens a unique mesh suede combo... if u haven't tried the 860 before, u don't know comfort. Get them before they get snapped up by the Jap market.. the orange pair is simply calling out to me...

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Mens 1500...they seem pretty similar to the upcoming euro models (maybe its the same).

ok...hope u enjoyed the preview, sorry if they drag the d/l speed (but what do i care?!, lol)

laters, Ta

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