Monday, November 15, 2004

Boring Mondays

Its a sleeping-inducing monday for me, too tired and lazy to do anything...
On to the news:

Ever wondered what were the voters really thinking on 2Nov?
Look no further, heres the proof:
i am so smart, i am so smart

And as further proof, at least 4 key cabinet staff are resigning, including the big guy
He is surely the smart one


Yet another Asian does us proud: Kobayashi-san out-chugs and leaves everyone far behind
Next in line to get life-time ban at buffet lunches

Bring the brolly, showers expected in the next couple of days/nites
Should be a sight to behold

Speaking of stars, Becks really knows how to make a woman happy...very happy. After the huge diamonds, Mr Golden Balls gives his lady her next best friend:Mr Vibro
Diamond-encrusted, platinum-plated no less
"hmm, hope it fits..."

Spotted in celeb-land, Angie and her little precious Maddox, looking really grown up these days... and cute too! coochie-coo!
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
She's definitely one hot MILF

Some LA-LA land (don't u love nicknames?) news
Any of u guys spotted the non-descript posters at Cineleisure at the weekend?
cue heavy breathin sequence

Some Batman prequel peeps... Christian Bale in his new spiffy suit
Image hosted by

and the awesome/humongous/rahh!/whoa/ batmobile of all time
cross between a Hummer and a Lambo
I foresee lots of custom-heads will be pimpin' their rides to look like this in future! :)

Dear all readers(yes, all 3 of u), yours truly (meaning me) will be MIA for the next couple of days, i'll have no access to PC's and email (cue shark theme song da-dum, da-dum)...despite the horror, i'll be back probably on the weekends. Look forward to the next update y'all....If you've reached so far and have clicked all the links today, go click on my pals sites on the right! Tell them i sent u!

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_-+`christine*-\\ said...

harlow. im bored. haha. nice entry. enjoy your MIA session okay? lol.. take care! =D