Wednesday, December 29, 2004

There should be a theme song for Wednesdays

Really..think about it, its 3 days gone for the work week, thursday means chatting up that hot gal/guy you've been dying to talk to, and friday, if all things go well, is a DATE. Oh, whats the big deal about a DATE anyways eh? Its a just a sweet edible fruit of a date palm to others. Anyway, the point i'm trying to make is...go chat that gal up...haha, nah, kidding.
Go ahead, feel good about yourself, its 2 more days to the weekend. So what if the gal/guy doesn't give a hoot who you are or theres no romantic date come friday nite... at least you tried, you feel good that you have regrets...thats the bottomline eh?

Cool pic of the day: Fire and Ice

courtesy of billings gazette

Story of a lucky man, and simply, one good man

Some people have all the luck, and yet they complain, tsk tsk

while others are just not so nice boys and girls you never know who you might piss off

Techie news: Dope inventions

LavNav: Have no fear when your significant surprises you witha yellow treat on the toilet seat he forgot to lift up, LavNav lights up and lets you know when the seat is up(RED light) or down(GREEN light). Go in Piss, my friend.

Its the way of the future: flexible image scanner in the works...i'm flabbergasted, thats just an amazing gadget to have!

*Yet another Year-End list...Lycos Top 100 most wanted on the internet
George W. Bush is #81... between "Prom Hairstyles" and "Tupac Shakur". hmm, thats just about right...right?

Xymon's Resolution #101 for 2005: to get into lycos top 100, and preferably overtake prominent spot above Mr Bush.

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